Features & Specifications

No matter the needs of your project, we know that every situation is unique. Dynamic Air Shelters are highly versatile and customizable, designed to fit wherever the need for temporary shelters exists.

While our shelters come in a variety of standard configurations, our creative and dedicated engineering team can create custom solutions to fit your needs, equip it with electrical, lighting, HVAC and air filtration systems.

Find the right shelter for your project

Model 628

Occupancy: 52 People
Internal Area: 628 sq ft
Dimensions: 22x42x12 ft

Model 1170

Occupancy: 97 People
Internal Area: 1,170 sq ft
Dimensions: 22x72x12 ft

Model 1383

Occupancy: 115 People
Internal Area: 1,383 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x46x18 ft

Model 1698

Occupancy: 141 People
Internal Area: 1,698 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x56x18 ft

Model 2362

Occupancy: 196 People
Internal Area: 2,362 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x67x18 ft

Model 2787

Occupancy: 232 People
Internal Area: 2,787 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x83x18 ft

Model 3348

Occupancy: 279 People
Internal Area: 3,348 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x95x18 ft

Model 3624

Occupancy: 302 People
Internal Area: 3,624 sq ft
Dimensions: 62x82x24 ft

Model 4290

Occupancy: 357 People
Internal Area: 4,290 sq ft
Dimensions: 62x95x24 ft

Model 4742

Occupancy: 395 People
Internal Area: 4,742 sq ft
Dimensions: 46x132x18 ft

Model 5880

Occupancy: 490 People
Internal Area: 5,880 sq ft
Dimensions: 62x123x24 ft

Model 7395

Occupancy: 616 People
Internal Area: 7,395 sq ft
Dimensions: 62x152x24 ft

Model 11192

Occupancy: 932 People
Internal Area: 11,192 sq ft
Dimensions: 78x182x26 ft


Consult with our engineering team to build the structure you need.