Dynamic Air Shelters are the solution to virtually any shelter need – highly durable, quickly deployable, and built for efficiency.

Dynamic Air Shelters is part of the Starn Group whose subsidiaries include Sabre Safety Services, a leading provider of hydrogen sulphide H2S safety services, fire safety services and training, primarily to the oil and gas industry, and Safehouse Habitats, leading providers of engineered protection including a range of hot work pressurised welding habitats which control environments to achieve safe working conditions.


Be confident in a crisis, with a temporary shelter built to stand up to extreme environments and catastrophic events.


Keep your people safe no matter what. Dynamic Air Shelters cater to the safety requirements of any application.


Stay flexible by choosing a temporary shelter that can be built more quickly and more affordably than any permanent structure.


Our shelters have a wide variety of applications, for the industries listed here or just about any other use you can imagine.


Tested, validated, and ready to serve you in the field. Dynamic Air Shelters are proven to withstand the elevated threats of a military environment and are perfectly suited to protect your people and your camps.

Refining & Chemical

Safety and productivity can work hand-in-hand on your worksite with the help of Dynamic Air Shelters. Our shelters allow you to keep your workforce closer to your site, while keeping them safe from blasts, increased heat, and other dangerous elements.

Emergency Response

Provide immediate protection to the victims of disaster with simple shelters or fully operational medical facilities. Set up quickly to protect people from extreme weather, biological or chemical threats, and other life-threatening situations.


Achieve a new level of productivity without sacrificing the safety of your workforce or your worksite. Dynamic Air Shelters adhere to a global standard of health and safety codes, making it the perfect solution for any industrial application.


Dynamic Air Shelters are a perfect solution for any temporary brand event or installation. We can provide nimble, cost-effective brand installations, with shelters customized and designed with your brand elements.


Protect your site, and protect your bottom line. Our temporary shelters are safe, reliable, and fully customizable, so we can take almost any construction site and put it in a controlled environment.

Land Remediation

Completely transform land remediation sites with Dynamic Air Shelters. Keep your teams safe with a portable, protective structure that can turn any inhospitable environment into a controlled site.


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